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Dr. Sean Cridland (Ph.D. in East-West Comparative Philosophy from University of Hawaii) leads Visions of Power with years of experience in the photography, videography, writing, editing, marketing, and web-design.

Recently Visions of Power has completed a 24 minute documentary for the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico titled "Protecting Santa Fe's Water-Source" which documents the vulnerability of Santa Fe's and all western city's ground-water supplies to the danger of catastrophic forest-fire.

With a background ranging from adventure travel in Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and South America, an early pioneer in extreme sports, and several academic degrees, Cridland has built many websites, published many articles and is currently working on a book of adventure stories titled "Preposterous: an Anthology of Accidental Adventures."

In the 1980s Cridland worked with his ski-career sponsors to set up one of the most successful advertising campaigns in ski-industry history and set a World Record of 162mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats while riding on the top of Team Vesco's famous 444 car.

Cridland brings the same adventurousness and imagination to every campaign he works on.